The One Week Challenge That Will Make Your Life Better

Give up dessert for a lifetime?  No way.  Give up dessert for a week?  Possible.

Just to be clear, I have not given up dessert.  Not even for a week.  But, I have been giving up other things that are bad for me.  The easy part is this: I’ve only committed to giving them up for a week at a time.

The first bad habit I quit for a week was Google News.  Google News being my homepage, it was a constant source of information.  Too much information, it turns out.  Because every time I wanted to look up something quickly, I got sucked in by my  homepage.  Fifteen or twenty minutes would pass by unnoticed.  When you do this 3 or 4 times a day, that’s time that adds up.  Being informed is important; being over-informed is a waste of time.  That was two weeks ago, and I haven’t felt the need to set it up as my homepage again…yet.

The second negative item I gave up was Facebook (except once to post this article!).  It will come as no surprise the many hours that I have regained of my life, even just for a week.  The week is up tomorrow.  And while I can’t see myself being off Facebook forever, I now know I can stay away for days at a time without any detrimental effects.

In fact, life has become noticably better.  For one, I have way more time.  I’ve even picked up my old guitar and have been plunking away on it – something I never had time for (or so I thought), before.  Side note: for those interested in teaching yourself guitar, even if you’ve never held a guitar in your life, try all the free beginner lessons on this amazing site

I also revel in my newfound willpower.  I like that I can stay away from these things.  And while cutting down my coffee intake hasn’t officially been on the list yet, I notice I’m drinking less of it.  I just feel more capable.

Since this is a personal finance blog, I do need to bring this back to managing your money.  Changing certain money habits for a whole lifetime might seem impossible.  But what about for a week?  For one week could you…

1.  Bring your lunch instead of buying?

2.  Not buy clothes?

3.  Commute to work via public tranportation?

4.  Limit yourself to $20 in discretionary spending?

5.  Track all your expenses?

Small tangible actions beat grandiose intentions every time.  Good luck.

Rich regards,